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Adobe Awards Scholarship Winners and Nigerians are Among The Winners

by Glam World
On the lady dispatch of its grant program declared January 2020 which targets youthful people with unmistakable plan aptitudes, Adobe nearby Design circle has at last delivered the names of the individuals who have been equipped for the regarded grant finance.

Adobe, authoritatively known as Adobe frameworks is an American organization, famous for its sight and sound and innovativeness programming items which incorporate Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

As per the plan gathering, its victors and candidates are centered around item or mechanical structure as a profession in their different establishments. In the wake of auditing candidates from more than 80 nations around the globe, The plan bunch got on its 10 champs, and we spotted two Nigerians among these educated people.

Every individual will get up to $25,000 every year and can be recharged for as long as four years or until consummation of their college degree, grants are likewise reestablished every year pending the understudy’s scholarly advancement.

Alongside the grant comes an assortment of mentorship open doors for champs, including temporary job, workshops, organizing, and so forth. Every individual likewise gets a free Adobe inventive cloud membership for every year.

It is somewhat a thing to celebrate as these people have scaled more than 1000 different candidates to be among the best ten chose. Africans have been known to do very well in the innovative and tech industry and as such have the right to be colossally praised, these Nigerians close by another dark (Jonathan woods) from Tennessee are those with brown complexion recorded.

The two people are Sola Babatunde and Edidiong Okon.


Sola is from western Nigeria however was conceived in Garland, Texas.

As indicated by his LinkedIn account, he is a lead item fashioner at ACE labs and has fabricated tech advancements for Google, Facebook, ESPN, new companies among others. He used to be a movie producer, a game originator, and He has understanding as an instructor. Today Sola plans items in light of the client and designer necessities. He would like to construct apparatuses valuable to anybody paying little heed to their Cultural, Personal, and Educational foundation. He is presently an understudy at Texas A&M University.


Edidiong is a youngster who was conceived in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, She is an understudy at Carleton University Canada. She is a web and versatile application planner and she would like to utilize this stage to tackle issues one of a kind to African social orders and move young people to arrive at their most noteworthy potential.

This news has been invited by everybody particularly Africans at home and Diaspora as they consider this to be as a wellspring of inspiration and support; acclamations have been setting off to the Nigerian youth to effectively utilize their acumen, exactly who knows, where the following star to make Nigeria glad would originate from.

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