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African Designed Dresses 2022: Top Designs For Ladies

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You will find some attractive styles to add up to your selection . It is no news that we sometimes find it difficult to decide on which style to sew with the fabrics we have . So we thought of showcasing the following so you can choose from if it is not already part of the styles you have .

Here, is a long straight ankara gown with a slant neck plus a long puffed sleeve. You can either use elastic here or put band its going to still be good .

The neck, chest and sleeve of this style is what you should pay attention to.

A crop top with short straight skirt sewn with ankara would also give you an amazing look and bring out your beautiful shape

We have elegant styles that you can achieve with any kind of fabrics that you have.

Here is also an adire boubou long gown , you can also make it short depending on your choice.

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