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Beautiful Ankara Styles 2021 For Ladies: Designs For Sexy Body Shapes

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Above is a short simple A- shaped gown that can suit or fit anyone irrespective of your type of body, you can be sure that it will bring out your figure just the way you are.

A mini gown with a band on the waist plus gathers to make it puffy but beautiful. You might not have tried this before or you might not even have one of this in your closet ,trust its what you would want to try on . But, if this is too short for you, you can make it exactly on the knee level so as to bring out the real beauty in this creative work.

Here, you can see a gown that apoche material was added to to add more beauty, an off-shoulder and a little bit below the knee plus a slit by the side in front to make it easy for movement since there is none at the back. The slit at the front is optional so, you can decide to have it behind or even on both sides which then depends on your choice anyways.

This beauty here is a gown below the knee with a collar and a puffed hand, this particular style can actually play out as a short gown also and as a straight hand instead of the puffed hands too.

Here is a smoked short gown plus gathers below and a long sleeve hand with a band to make the puff nice and smart, the whole body of the gown is smoked and you can as well decide to have yours all smoked without the gathers below.

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