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Do You Love Garden Eggs?

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Garden eggs is a fruit that you must really try out because of the benefits attached to it but its heartbreaking that some persons have never tried it out while some don’t even like it at all . I would like to confess that you are missing a whole lot.

WHAT ARE GARDEN EGGS? They are egg plants that are used as food crops in almost all parts in Africa. They are of different species but they are valued by the bitterness taste they produce when it is being consumed. It has some essential properties contained in it which are; dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium etc.

Do you also know that if you have been trying to reduce your weight, the greenish one is good for you because of its high content of fiber. One thing about taking foods with fiber such as garden eggs is that it promotes fullness and it reduces your calorie intake(you will discover that it makes you get full faster when consumed).

Do you also know that it helps in strengthening of your bones and they also help your food digest well and fast plus it helps your bowel movement, so you might want to agree with me that you need at least one of this in your diet to form a balanced diet for you. It aids your indigestion too, so when you feel you need something to help you, then you should have this in your fridge to save you here.

It is good to know that this nutritious food can also be used to make garden egg sauce, one that you will really enjoy after cooked. You can eat with yam, rice, spaghetti or any other food.

So, you know by now that it is necessary to add this nutritious food in your diet from now either as a fruit without bothering the little bitter taste you might taste from it.

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