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Have You Heard of Iyana Ipaja Leaf?

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What do you know about this amazing leaf created by God Almighty to be eaten as food and treatments. Iyana Ipaja leaf as fondly called by Yorubas with its botanical name as Jatropha tanjorensis. Some persons refer to it as hospital too far, funny right? Different names by different people and it shows that it works well. These leaves are used traditionally for different treatments. It is a perennial herb. This plant can be eaten as a vegetable or taken as a juice.

It is a plant that has a lot of health benefits to give to anyone that would like to give it a trial. Its just surprising that some persons have not heard or seen it before but some persons have but don’t know its importance .

This plant can either be eaten as vegetables or the liquid extracted from squeezing the leaves can be used for juice or tea. It contains a large quantity of iron and fiber plus vitamins and folate. Below are the list of its health benefits;

  1. It treats iron deficiency anemia : It is guaranteed to boost your blood when you are trying to fight anemia .
  2. It helps to ease digestion
  3. It helps lower sugar level
  4. It helps with weight loss
  5. It also treats constipation
  6. It regulates the blood pressure
  7. It prevents hemorrhoid
  8. It boost immunity
  9. It can also help fight infections.

It should be noted that you should cook for at least 3-5 minutes before taking it. You can also add some milk or even with malt to help boost immune system, or when taking as tea.

You should be careful when plucking or dealing with the plant because it itches the skin. Dried hospital too far leaves can be used as food after you might have preserved well. Hospital too far is a vegetable you should try out anytime from now .

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