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Helpful Tips To Rid Some Spots On Your Face At Home

by admin

We will be talking about a very important aspect of our being which is our face. A lot of persons have different issues they encounter with their faces and they just apply a lot of things and any treatment they hear can give them a smooth face.

Sometimes, we don’t even allow our faces rest a day from all the applications of various forms we have applied.

So, while we try all our best to be on fleek, look good, it is important to pay attention to our face as it is the bedrock or foundation to all the make up we wear and how we look generally. We ought to understand that some of our faces are very delicate and so sometimes need special care and attention. We also must leave our faces to just be and desist from rubbing just anything at any slightest observation on our face.

I will like to share some tips to how to care for your face at home;

  • Allow your face rest: It is necessary that you leave your face to rest and not touch all the the time or want to apply something at every slightest change you notice.
  • Know your kind of face: Also, ensure you understand your kind of face so as to take prompt note of what you should do and not do to it. For example, Some persons say they get pimples when they stress themselves, some when they eat groundnut or take butter or groundnut oil.
  • Avoid too hot water : You should also note that your bathing water should not be too hot because it also has impact on your face.
  • Avoid the use of strong sponge: Some persons scrub their faces with sponge and later complain its not smooth. I don’t use sponge on my face except i want to use scrub and that is occasionally so i don’t give my face too mush attention unless its very important.
  • Use Tomatoes and Sugar: This will help take off the spots on your face but it might take time and of course it has to deal with consistency. This can be done at night so you can leave it overnight.( slice the tomato into 2,take one half rub on your face round or pour the sugar on it and rub. You will observe that your face will be shinny but its fine )
  • Apply honey: This can also help you with a smooth and soft face when this is done consistently
  • Take note of some things that you use and can remove the oil on your face.
  • Drink water well.

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