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How To Maintain A Hair With Dandruff

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It is no news anymore that dandruff is not something that we should not stop talking about as it is what we live with day by day. Dandruff is not found in only women’s hair but in a man’s hair also. You wonder how i got to know right? I have someone that i have helped tackle it in his hair and one way or the other he settled for cutting his hair very low (last skin).

As individuals, we should understand that with the dandruff in your hair, you can’t and will never enjoy whatever hairstyle you wear neither can the style last on you. And so, we need to help ourselves to work with even if we have not gotten a permanent solution to it yet.

So, we thought of giving a few tips to what you can do for yourself to maintain your hair even with the dandruff because i understand and know it is annoying and frustrating when it starts to itch.

When you are trying to fight this, you can try out the following ;

  1. Wash you hair more often: You should try your best possible to wash as often as possible so that the dandruff will not be too relaxed and find more expression in your garden . So you sure want to include washing in your diary now.
  2. Focus on your scalp: When you wash your hair, focus more on your scalp as it is where the dandruff build on.
  3. Try apply Aloevera : This is one natural treatment you can try for this fight. This is because aloe vera has a lot of benefits that it can produce for your hair if you try it as it can strengthen your hair , help an itchy scalp, and help your hair grow. Scoop out the gel from the aloevera and apply to your scalp directly and leave in for a little while before washing with your shampoo.
  4. Try take off some of the dandruff on your scalp before applying anything because the truth is, there are some dandruff that have already stick to your scalp and you might not know if you don’t peel off . So while you try fighting off be sure its a complete fight.
  5. Avoid too much of oil on your scalp: We understand that the general belief is you should not leave your hair dry and so you should keep it oily at all times. But the truth is if you are dealing with dandruff, you should apply less oil as the dandruff thrives more in an oily land. So do not oil hair and keep for too long
  6. Apply vinegar: This helps in treating itchy , dry skin and dandruff, so you can apply to your scalp and leave to sink in before wash later.

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