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Life As A Student In Canada: Some Essential Tips

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If you are reading this, it means that you have thought about enrolling in a course of study in Canada. We are aware of it. Can you work and study at the same time? Are there any other concerns that come along with your wish to travel?  What potential cultural difference can you run into? What kinds of things can students do?

This article will explain what life is like for a Colombian student in Canada in order to allay your worries and provide you with lifestyle advice. Go on reading!

Find A Decent Job As A Student In Canada.

We want to start by reassuring you a little bit because Canada is one of the countries that provides students with the most work chances, even while they are still in school. To start their professional careers off on the right foot, many students choose to begin working in Canada for this reason.

Now that you have many options, it is much simpler than you might have imagined to discover a career opportunity in Canada as a student. One of the most common options is to apply for a Canadian Working Holiday visa, which enables you to work full-time for up to 12 months while studying for a maximum of 6 months (with the possibility of extension)

Because there are only a few number of spots available for this visa, you must pay close attention to the application deadline each year to avoid missing out.

With the Student Visa, you are able to remain in Canada for the duration of your studies as well as work both full- and part-time during the academic year. As part of the educational experience they offer in Canada, organizations like GrowPro offer you individualized guidance to process your visa.

Cultural Differences Between Canada And Colombia

You can run into some cultural snags in your first few months in Canada. The schedules are the first feature that most distinguishes Colombians from Canadians.

People in Canada finish their work or studies at 5:00 p.m., they rise earlier, and they have lunch less frequently. This gives them more free time to engage in their hobbies.

Additionally, being late is strongly discouraged in Canada because it is seen as impolite. Therefore, to fit into their culture, we advise better time management and attempting to be five minutes early for all of your appointments.

Canadians, on the other hand, tend to be cold or aloof in their interactions with others as a result of the influence of British and French traditions. When faced with this, it is better to be understanding and keep an open mind. For them, refusing physical expressions of affection is an act of respect. Conversation and empathy are important!

You can enjoy activities that are completely new to you in Canada because it has a large variety of activities. Let’s start by discussing the Northern Lights. In Saskatchewan, the center province of the Canadian prairies, you may see them and capture the most breathtaking images to post on social media.

Snow is a great place to enjoy fun as well. In fact, Canada is well known for its world-class ski resorts, like Whistler Blackcomb. Other activities include dog sledding (using sleds pushed by dogs) and snowtubing (sliding down slopes in inflatable donuts).

And if you enjoy music, Canada has a great selection of events! Artists like Bruno Mars and The Rolling Stones perform at festivals like the Grand Jazz Festival in Montreal or the Summer Festival in Quebec.

Finally, we must not overlook its surreal vistas. If you live in Canada, you must see the Valley of the Ten Peaks, Niagara Falls, the CN Tower in Toronto, Dinosaur Provincial Park, among many other places.

Are you prepared to relocate to Canada? We hope the response is in the affirmative! Keep in mind that one of the best places in the world to live, study, work, and transform your life is Canada. So why are you still holding off on taking off?

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