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WATERMELON SEEDS: Facts you might not know about it.

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Do you remember as a child when we get to swallow seeds from the fruits we eat and people around us then will scare us with the thought of the tree of the seed growing inside of us? But even when we keep those memories aside,let’s admit that we all hate it when a seed suddenly interferes with the enjoyment you are deriving from the fruit.

So,talking about the watermelon seed today,a lot of us get to throw the seeds away forgetting that there might be some nutrients that could benefit our bodies in it and truth be told,there are nutritional values in this fruit. Aside chewing of the seeds, you can dry the seeds and roast them to get the nutrients.

These watermelon seeds are rich in proteins,vitamins,potassium and many more.They can better our blood sugar control. Below are some of its health benefits:

*It benefits the skin by preventing acne outbreak,prevents early ageing and moisturizes the skin. All you need to do is to apply the oil that is gotten from the roasted seed.

*The application of the seed on your hair regularly can do your hair some good especially when you are trying to deal with hair loss. The important nutrients the hair needs to look good and grow well like protein,iron,copper and magnesium are found in the watermelon seed.

*According to a chinese study,the zinc contained in watermelon seeds can help increase the quality of sperm in infertile men.

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